Nick Wilkinson


Nick Wilkinson and Daryl Weavers

This year we are supporting a long-time friend of Arden’s: Nick Wilkinson.

Nick is participating in the Tour de Cure: Riding to Cure Cancer Campaign between 3rd – 11th May 2019.

The ride travels to the tranquil seaside town of Kiama and then heads inland to the scenic country towns through Canberra to Corryong, before experiencing unforgettable Central Victoria.

Nick and his riding companion Daryl kindly joined us at Arden HQ for some Q&A’s.

We delved deeper into the minds of these spirited rider’s encouraging past experiences and their exciting words for the upcoming Signature Tour campaign in May 2019.

Nick and Daryl had not seen each other in thirty years! This ride has brought them together, to support a worthy cause.

This will be Nick’s first ride in the Tour de Cure riding event, whilst Daryl has previously participated in the past with partaking in two previous Tour de Cure rides.

What inspired you to get started?

Nick has always enjoyed riding and has ridden for over twenty-five years. He was encouraged by his close friends in the tour who have previously taken part for over seven to eight years and asked him to join the Tour de Cure team. Nick has been helping this charity for years but felt it was time to do more to contribute. A close friend of Nick’s had lost his battle with bowel cancer and without hesitation Nick knew this was the year to get involved in participation with this Signature Tour 2019 campaign.

How is the experience/ride itself?

As Daryl has previously participated in this event he informed of his experiences. Speaking highly of the wonderful community that is Tour de Cure which brings people together, training together and really makes you feel like you are part of the team. The people hosting you through the ride give up their bed to help you get through the ride. Learning all the road rules and riding etiquette this ride brings an exceedingly well managed and professional event and a friendly environment.

What pushes you to keep going?

The kindness of the people around you and the groups provide endless caring and supportive environment in which gets you out of your comfort zones and provide endless encouragement.
‘This ride really brings people together, we can solve our problems during our morning coffee break, whilst enjoying the company of our fellow riders having a blast time, drawing people closer, learning about the lives of our fellow riders and community and supporting a great cause’.

Can anyone join the ride/ How extensive is the training?

This ride involves intense training and fitness, in which performance tests will be run to assess viability. However, the ride can also be completed in stages.

Please find Nick’s rider’s profile link below to assist in donating to a wonderful cause.