Provides a rigid wall structure and a completely enclosed cleanroom with air vents to exhaust air. These cleanrooms hold higher pressure differentials, which is important to provide differing cleanliness levels in different areas. Negative and positive/negative pressure cleanroom designs require hardwall cleanrooms, as do A/C and humidity control cleanrooms. More info

Uses a simpler steel frame structure to support flexible PVC curtains cut a few centimeters above the floor to provide an exhaust vent. Softwall cleanrooms provide only the lowest of positive pressures and are typically used only in lower cleanliness ratings such as Class 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. Because these cleanrooms offer less control over air flows, temperature and humidity control are normally not provided. More info


Mobile cleanrooms can be landed in existing warehouses with minimal logistical overheads. Some of our portable solutions are completely contained within a transportable frame and can be quickly deployed to a remote site at a low cost. More info

Modular rooms can be assembled, disassembled and relocated. They are comparatively inexpensive to retrofit and upgrade as cleanliness or other requirements change. A modular cleanroom gives you a customized clean environment at a fraction of the cost and time associated with a conventional cleanroom. More info


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Fire Retardant Panelling

Fire Retardant Panelling


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Led Lighting

Led Lighting