Disposable Garments

We have the widest range of product options and fabrics when it comes to protective cleanroom clothing. With so many years in the industry, we have the most comprehensive product range and the experience to help you choose the best cleanroom garments to perform the job they are intended for as well as possible.

The disposable cleanroom clothing we sell is made from the finest and best fabrics used in the industry. Because we choose the best fabrics, our clothing products are designed to protect both you and your products. They help maintain the integrity of your work space.

Our disposable garments are also manufactured from lightweight and durable materials which provide an outstanding combination of comfort and protection.

We have a wide range of disposable garments for cleanrooms which cover the wearer from head to toe. We can supply cleanroom overalls, coats, hoods, and sleeve and shoe protectors.

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Disposable Garment
Disposable mask
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Lab coats with no pockets
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Disposable non-skid shoe cover