Fire Retardant Panelling

Fire Retardant Panels leads the way in high performance fire resistant panel systems. A syntactic foam core, the panels have excellent mechanical strength, superior insulation, low toxicity and are completely recyclable.

Xflam Panelling
Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

We understand that different cleanrooms have different requirements, and that’s why we source high quality air control and air movement equipment.


We provide comprehensive lines of Cleanroom Pass-Through chambers or air locks to meet special requirements dependent on sizes, materials and features

Pass throughs
LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Available to you, we have a comprehensive range of different sized LED downlights, panels and your lighting needs.

Emergency Control

Providing safety and sleek profiles , we have refined designs for any modern commercial interior where both safety and style are paramount.

Emergency Ctrl
LED Lighting


Electrostatic discharge is a problem you just can’t ignore. The scuffs, scrapes and electron imbalances will be looked after with our solution provided electrostatic flooring.