Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall cleanrooms use a simpler steel frame structure to support flexible PVC curtains cut a few centimeters above the floor to provide an exhaust vent. They provide only the lowest of positive pressures and are typically used only in lower cleanliness ratings such as Class 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. Because these cleanrooms offer less control over air flows, temperature and humidity control are normally not provided.

Softwall cleanrooms are the most economical type of modular cleanroom contruction. They offer a more flexible alternative to hardwall cleanrooms.


  • Affordable - require mimimal materials and are simple in design, making them a budget friendly option.
  • Customisable - can be constructed with various curtain materials such as PVC, polyethylene or anti-static vinyl.
  • Easy to assemble - can be installed in just a few hours with minimal tools.
  • Space-saving - softwall cleanrooms are compact and can fit almost anywhere.