Sticky Mats

Arden sticky mats consist of 30 sheets of adhesive-coated polyurethane film that are compressed into a mat.
Each sheet is numbered for easy tracking of remaining sheets.
Each sticky mat sheet can be used many times before it should be peeled away.


  • Convenient reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a clean area.
  • Each layer is coated with a unique high- tack or low- tack adhesive.
  • Convenient sizes for placement in various locations.
  • Smooth effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties or cart wheels.
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning.
  • Peel-off sheets make it easy to maintain a clean surface.
  • Numbered tabs provide easy separation identification

Sticky Mats Standard Size: 600mm x 1200mm (30 layers per sheet)
Qty: 4 Mats per Carton