Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall cleanrooms are constructed with rigid steel frames and hardwall panels to create a fully modular enclosed area. They include air vents to control internal pressure to meet ISO regulations. These cleanrooms hold higher pressure differentials, which is important to provide differing cleanliness levels in different areas. Negative and positive/negative pressure cleanroom designs require hardwall cleanrooms, as do A/C and humidity control cleanrooms.


  • Stable - constructed with durable rigid steel frames which helps the walls to stay up in the case of impact.
  • Customisable - hardwalls can be constructed with various materials such as acrylic, PVC and tempered glass.
  • Convenient - easy to clean and maintain finish
  • Durable - a hardwall cleanroom is robust, impact resistant and the walls are durable which create a solid barrier around the cleanroom.
  • Adaptable - gives you a modular system you can change according to your needs.